Pre-Purchase Your Harry Potter Theme Park Tickets- Save Time and Money!

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One of the questions we get most often is,” How do we get Harry Potter theme park tickets. ” and “Where’s the best deal on Harry Potter tickets?”  Here’s the scoop:

Cheap tickets to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and other Florida theme parks can be one of the most difficult things to come by in Orlando.  You can save money on food, your Orlando resort, rental cars and so on, but tickets remain full price and a hassle to buy. Usually.

You can save a few bucks per ticket and a HUGE amount of time, though if you pre-purchase your tickets (call 740-953-0373 to purchase)!  As with most discounts on tickets to Florida theme parks, the cost savings generally seems pretty minimal, although it adds up quickly when you’re buying tickets for the whole family.  We recently bought Universal Express passes before going to the parks and saved $5 per ticket vs. the gate price.  A nice $25 savings for our family.

The big difference in pre-purchasing (call 740-953-0373 to purchase) your Harry Potter theme park tickets occurs in time savings!  You can waste hours of your precious day buying Universal Express and a ticket to the park without having seen a single attraction or riding a single ride!  Don’t make this mistake!  Pre-purchase your tickets and you’ll walk right into the park after a quick stop at will call.

When you arrive at the park to pick up your tickets, you will need:

  • Credit card.  You must have the card you used to purchase the tickets.  This will be swiped into the kiosk at will call to pull up your tickets.
  • Confirmation number.  You will be asked to enter your confirmation number to receive your tickets.

That’s it!  Don’t forget either of these items, though, or you’ll lose all that time you saved trying to resolve a minor ticket issue.

So, what’s stopping you from pre-purchasing your Harry Potter theme park tickets?  Call 740-953-0373 today!

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